About Balance after Cancer

Balance after Cancer is a program offered by The Time Between Is, Inc a 501(c)(3). The programs offered are centered on returning to "normal" after a medically significant diagnosis. This includes returning to work or volunteer roles after illness. Our mission is to empower people who have been diagnosed with cancer or other life changing illness to find their way back to "normal".

  • Balance after Cancer Programs Include Training, One on One Coaching and Books & Workbooks

Learn from home, on your time for your balance after cancer.

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Our program and course will walk you through the myriad issues that occur trying to manage your Balance after Cancer and also talk about skills, entrepreneurship options and more.
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Learn from home, on your time for your balance after cancer.

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Extensive online learning to help you get back to Balance After Cancer . When we meet someone new, we are always asked, "What do you do?" and this program will help empower us to find meaningful work and regain our dignity and purpose that cancer took away.

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