The "Basics" of Balance after Cancer Course

Focus on Careers & Confidence

  • Back to "Normal"

    Your treatment is at a point where your doctors say it is time to go back to "normal" and you need some help figuring out what that means. Maybe you lost your job or you took time off and now it is time to get back to "work" ...

  • Why register?

    This course offering is designed by an educator and career expert who is also a cancer survivor and touches upon all that you need to know to get back into the workforce at a high level. There are more detailed courses available about interviewing, skills and more but for just now, out of treatment, it is time to take the first steps into your Career after Cancer ®.

  • Learn on your own time...

    You can take this course anytime, anywhere and will have actionable plan on how to start your career up again now that you are cleared to work by your medical team (or you will be in the near future).

Course curriculum

Balance after Cancer is provided by 501(c)(3) corporation, The Time Between Is, Inc

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